I’m Back, But I Need More Anguilla

I’m back from my second trip to Anguilla. My visit was even more amazing than I could have hoped and I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to go back so soon.

But, now I kind of have a problem… All of a sudden my everyday life here at home seems so wrong and I’m feeling even more desperate to break free from the madness of the only world I’ve ever known. Whoa! Hey now! That’s a tad drastic, isn’t it? Yeah, well, my thoughts and emotions have always been a little on the dramatic side, so that’s why I’m also trying to make sure this isn’t just a case of me just wanting something, anything, different from what I already have. Isn’t it just human nature to never be satisfied with what we’ve got? So maybe my dream of running off to live a simple life on a teeny-weeny little island in order to escape a life surrounded by materialism, superficiality, and unrealistic social pressures is not a true solution to whatever my real “issues” are.

I’ll spare you the painfully in-depth psychological self-analysis here, but suffice it to say that I know that I’m unhappy with some aspects of my life, and that I’m really hoping to avoid trading one set of unfulfilling circumstances for another. On the other hand, the only way to find the “right” circumstances in one’s life is to keep trying new ones until something works, right? Hmm…

Anyway, I want to write about all of the different things that I learned on my most recent trip to Anguilla, but it’s far too much to include in one single post. So I’ll split the general topics out into separate posts so that no one has to suffer through a 500,000 word essay on “What I did on my summer vacation.” :)

I spent a lot of time on my own and did my best to meet and talk to as many people as possible to find out what their island life is really like. I loved learning about the good things, yes, but I also wanted to hear about the downsides too. I wanted to do my best to figure out how I would fare living on this 35-square-mile island. However, I am also well aware that this 10-day visit, was still far too short to learn everything about the lives Anguillans lead. In fact, I’m sure even a few months wouldn’t be enough. A lot of things look nice on the surface, but you have to dig deeper to learn the truth. So that is my overall goal with the island of Anguilla. Perhaps I’ll visit other islands, too, one day, but how can I possibly do that with the overwhelming guilt I’ll feel for “cheating” on my first love? :)


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