My Newest Reason To Be An Anguilla Regular

Not that I really needed another reason to keep returning to Anguilla over and over again, but…  today I found out that I’m going to be a godmother of a soon-to-be-born Anguillian baby boy! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (Yes, that was my squeal of joy.)

Actually, my good friends let me know that they were expecting a child and asked me to be a godmother during my last visit to AXA in June.  I was honored to accept, but I was sworn to secrecy since they hadn’t yet told everyone the news…and since I’m well aware of how fast word can travel on a small island, I kept my mouth tightly shut.

Today, however, they got official word about the sex of their baby and let me know that they’re no longer keeping the pregnancy a secret. So now, I get to blab the wonderful news to the world and revel in the fact that my new godchild will be born  in just a few short months!

And you know what that means, right? Yep! Another trip is in the works for when my friends are ready to show off their new little one! (If I can wait that long…)  And many more after that! :)


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