June 2010 Anguilla Trip: Days 6 and 7

Day 6

I let myself sleep in a bit on the 6th morning of my Anguilla trip, and I woke with the same twinge of sadness that I always get when I realize that I’ve passed the midpoint of my visit. From that point on in any given trip, I often find myself wishing for time to pass more slowly so that the moment that I have to leave the island stays as far away as possible.

I allowed myself to wallow for just a few moments but then I gave myself a little lecture about how silly it was to get upset when I still had four full days left in Anguilla. There was till plenty of time for fun, adventure, and relaxation, so no there was need to waste time by getting sad before it was truly warranted.

So, I allowed myself to happily relax away this particular day by reading at home in the Seafeathers breeze, except for one break to meet a friend for lunch and chat at the Anguilla Great House restaurant. I also eagerly agreed to take a trip to Scrub Island with this friend the day after next – he would arrange the transport – so that gave me something fun to look forward to in the next few days. Otherwise this was a much needed do-nothing day and I enjoyed it very much.

I was so relaxed, though, that I managed to forget to head out to Smokey’s, the Sunday night place-to-be, and I was reminded of that when I got several calls from friends asking why I wasn’t there! It had really just slipped my mind so I had to send my apologies to my friends. I did score an invitation for a home-cooked lunch (YUM!) for the next day from one of those friends that called, though, so all was not lost!

Day 7

I woke up early on Day 7 and decided that it was a beach morning. So, I packed my beach bag and drove down to Rendezvous bay, where I knew it would be particularly quiet and serene. As I had predicted, the beach and the water were completely deserted when I arrived, so I enjoyed my time floating in complete peace and quiet.

I didn’t keep track of how much time I spent in the water, but since the sun was feeling pretty hot when I got out I knew it must have been a long time. I was feeling nice and relaxed, though, so that’s all that mattered. I wasn’t up for sitting around in the heat afterward, so I gathered my things and walked towards my car.

About two-thirds of the way there, I hear a “Miss! Miss! Excuse me, Miss!” from behind me. A guy was jogging up behind me waving the beach towel that I had dropped as I was walking. I thanked him, while admitting what a bird-brain I tended to be after a nice soak in the sea. He laughed and told me it was no problem.

He said, “Actually, I remember you from Smokey’s the other day.” (when I went for lunch). I praised his memory as it had been a full two days since I had been at Smokey’s but I had to apologize for not remembering him. It turns out that he works there and had been running around, mostly in the back, so he politely said it would have been easy to miss him.

As I’ve mentioned before, this kind of friendly “Yeah, I’ve seen you around” comment seems to happen quite a lot in Anguilla, just because the island is so small. For me, it’s a nice change from being practically invisible in a big-city atmosphere and I feel like I should try and do a better job at noticing and remembering the people that I see on the island!

We chatted for a little while about this and that, and it turns out that his family owns the property that I was walking on to get to the beach and back (he forgave me for trespassing).  I told him that they should put up a little hotel or something, because it was one of my favorite beaches on the whole island. He said that his family was actually considering it, but hadn’t yet been able to sort out all of the details. I wished him the best and said we’d probably see each other around sometime soon.

I headed home to take a quick shower before going over to my friend’s house for lunch. I had purposely not eaten much in the morning since I knew this lunch was going to be out of this world! This particular friend of mine had run a restaurant in The Valley many years ago, but she has definitely not lost one bit of her cooking abilities – no sir!

When I arrived at my friend’s house, she was still finishing up the last of the cooking and I couldn’t help but drool over the heavenly smells coming from the kitchen. She had made no less than 8 separate dishes just for lunch and I knew I was in for a treat.  I couldn’t even fit everything on one plate!

Home-cooked meal in Anguilla (plate one, anyway!)

Home-cooked meal in Anguilla (plate one, anyway!)

The food did not disappoint and I was glad that I had worn a dress with no waistline, because I stuffed myself silly at that meal. Everything was so incredibly delicious, and I swear it was better than any meal I had ever had at a restaurant on the island (sorry restaurants and foodies!). Nothing beats home-cooked, in my opinion, and I am so lucky that my friend was kind enough to cook for me.

We just hung out there at the house (it’s not like I could have made any significant movements away from there in my food coma, really) for a few hours until the early evening, when I decided to head out. I thanked my friend profusely for the fantastic meal and I decided to meet up with another friend for drinks at the Viceroy hotel.

We had a drink at the Viceroy’s Sunset Lounge and then bar-hopped to Klassik Cafe and then Bankie’s (aka The Dune Preserve). It was a quiet night at all three spots, but it was still nice to relax and hang out with some familiar faces that we ran into at the last two places.

I managed to tire myself out pretty well that day, and at some point I headed home despite being in the middle of having a lot of fun with some good buddies. I really wanted to stretch out my remaining days on the island but, somehow, exhaustion always finds a way of stopping me. *sigh* Oh well.

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