Bankie Banx: Just Cool

I missed Moonsplash, Anguilla’s biggest music festival, yet again this year. It was held March 8-10 and hosted, as always by AXA reggae artist Bankie Banx at the Dune Preserve. I’ve really got to get my act together and make sure I’m there for it next year since it always gets such rave reviews.

In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for checking out Bankie’s new songs online. I’ve really been diggin’ the title track to his newest album (2012) “Just Cool”. Check it out when you get a chance:

“Just Cool” is available at and iTunes.


  1. Hi Patty,

    You sound like an Anguilla diva pro. Love it.

    I am bringing my best friend (sounds so girlish, but I am really happy she is coming with me) to experience the island in April. I can’t believe that I was able to put the trip together so quickly after I first went there in late January. I might say, you were one of my inspirations. West Jet happened to have good prices and I took that as an encouraging sign – telling me “go Eliza, go”.

    I will stay at Blondel’s West Indian Cottage on Sandy Ground. It was recommended to me by Brett at Elvis’. The lady happened to have it free at our planned time of visit, which was another good sign. My plan is to check out some of the places you have written about, time permitting…And try the Johnny cakes.

    Best regards!

    • Hi Eliza,

      I’m utterly thrilled for you! How exciting that you get to return so soon! (Didn’t realize you were there in late Jan – we were probably there at the same time!)

      It’s so nice of you to say that I helped inspire your trip, but we both know that AXA has a way of bringing us Anguilla-philes back no matter what we do! :)

      I’ve seen one cottage right down the beach from Elvis’ on Sandy Ground, but I’m not sure it’s the same one where you’re staying. Let me know how it is!

      Take lots of pics and fill me in on the juicy trip details when you get back! Can’t wait to hear about it! :)

      Safe travels,

      • Thank you Patty :-)

        I will definitely let you know what the cottage is like. I was looking for an affordable place where I can safely go back to on my evenings out because I will be there by myself for a few days before my friend arrives. I have never done the travel alone thing and you seem to do it so well and I admire that! Hence the inspiration. I would like to find a place, like you,

        where I can go to, by myself, in case I need some R&R in the future. Even if I don’t end up doing it, the knowledge of having a place like that (and what better then beautiful Anguilla!) will be a peace of mind.

        Will keep you posted,


        • Eliza,

          You’re welcome! I’m sure you’ll have a great time and any nerves you might have about traveling alone will fall to the wayside quickly. Solo travel is not as scary as it sounds and if you practice common sense, you’ll be perfectly fine!

          You’re right that having a “home away from home” is a comforting feeling when life at home gets crazy. When you’re overwhelmed, just schedule another trip and feel the stress just sliiiiide off your back! :)

          So glad to know that you GET it!!


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