Sprocka: Impromptu Concert at The Sunshine Shack Anguilla

One of the things I love most about my trips to Anguilla is how often wildly crazy and fun situations just seem to materialize out of thin air.  I used to believe that I was just that lucky to be in the right places at the right times (a lot), but now I think it really has more to do with the personalities of the people that live on the island. Somehow, they just seem more open to engaging with others and including everyone around them in their seemingly constant quest for laughter and happiness.

I often emerge from these spur-of-the-moment bouts of hilarity feeling giddy and wondering how I could possibly explain what just happened to friends while properly conveying the magic of how it all seemed to come about. I usually decide that it would be impossible to describe it accurately and just hope that the memory lives on in my head for as long as possible.

Well, on my last trip to Anguilla, one of these very special moments came about on a random day when I was hanging out at The Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay. There just happened to be a sort of all-star cast of people there relaxing and having fun, when Sprocka, a well-known and extremely talented musician on Anguilla, picked up a guitar and treated us all to an impromptu concert!

And this time, I managed to pull out my video camera in time to catch most of it. I am so excited to have captured it on “film”! Of course, this means that I’m able to share it here with you and, hopefully, you can get a sense of what I mean when I describe these moments as being truly magical. At the very least, you should at least get a few laughs out of it!

A bit of background on this first clip:

Just a few minutes before this video was taken, Elvis (aka ‘Ela”, in the Knicks jersey) of Elvis’ Beach Bar in Sandy Ground, Anguilla, had just tried his hand at sailing a one-person Sunfish sailboat around in the water. (You can see it, with the red, blue & white sail in the background of the videos below.) I’m not sure exactly what happened, but he ended up sailing it right into Sprocka’s boat, luckily without causing any damage (as far as I know!).

Sprocka took that as an opportunity to invent a new song right then and there, called “Ela F*ck Up Mi Boat”. He entertained us with this hilarious song, and with Floyd (drummer for Omari Banks’ band “Eleven”) providing masterful percussions on a nearby bar stool, continued on into a song called “Big Bamboo”. Also in attendance are Garvey and Perry Lake, two of the three brothers who own The Sunshine Shack, Anguilla. (Yes, you might want to use discretion when deciding the volume at which to play this clip…)

In this second clip, we all joined Sprocka singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” with solos by Garvey, Elvis, Perry, and unfortunately for you all…me (Patty)!  (Sorry about the bad camerawork, especially while I was trying to sing – I’m not too talented at doing more than one thing at a time…or at singing! Ha!)

Next, Sprocka treated us to his version of Eric Clapton’s (and CCR’s) “Before You Accuse Me” and showed off his unbelievable guitar skills. He left us all in complete awe! Be sure to pick up your jaw when the clip is done. :)

In this final video, Sprocka did a bit of the Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun” and once again, we are amazed by what this guy can do with a guitar.

I know I’ve seen Sprocka perform at the CuisinArt Resort in the past, but I’m not sure if that’s still a part of his schedule. For more information, contact him via his website at http://www.sprocka.com.

I hope that, after watching the above videos, you get a sense of how incredibly joyful it was to actually be there for this unplanned moment in time.  I’m so happy that I had my video camera with me that day, or it would’ve all just faded into a distant memory that no one could prove ever happened.  All of life is kind of like that, I guess, but I’m glad to be able to hang onto this bit of time for a while…


  1. Yes!! This is why I love Anguilla too! Well, one of the reasons anyway.

    One year we were at Mango’s having dinner and in walks Bankie Banks. He sat at the table next to us and while he was waiting for his dinner, he started playing guitar and singing….little boy at the next table sang with him word for word..Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright…great fun, but I didn’t have a video camera…Last year we were at Pit Stop and Shamash was there with a few of his friends and they entertained us for over an hour. It was the best night!! Here’s a link to one of the videos…it’s dark, but I love listening to it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwldWVVm5gc

    Can you imagine an impromptu gathering like that in the States?! I can’t even get people to say hello when they walk by me!! lol

  2. PS – Sprocka’s guitar playing rivals Clapton and Santana, he always gets a standing O at Johnno’s, and the drummer there is usually Jayden from British Dependency, that is a great jam session and Andy the singer is really good. Last trip we were at Davida watching Omari and then hightailed it over to Johnno’s to catch the last set!

    • Ellen, if anyone knows the entertainment scene on Anguilla, it’s definitely you! I was sure to check your TA posts before my last trip to schedule where I’d be on what night!

      Yes, Sprocka is an unbelievable talent – I’m not sure I caught the extent of his guitar-playing skills when I saw him at the CuisinArt years ago, but I was thrilled to catch him on this random day at the Sunshine Shack. It just seems so effortless for him, doesn’t it? Amazing!

      Heck, he even inspired me to dig out my old acoustic again just to see if anything rubbed off on me by just being in his presence! Ha! (My skills have not improved so much, but my inspiration is definitely high. :) )

      I will definitely be catching him again at Johnno’s next time – thanks for the tip!

      Thanks so much for coming back to read my posts!

      • Patty – you are on my RSS feed – I take delight when I see a new post has been added, and relish the thought of having time to read and enjoy – you are such a talented writer!

        Thanks for allowing me to post your review – I appreciate it.

        All my best.

        • Ellen, thanks again for the amazing compliments and for sharing my posts on TA. I am, again, beyond flattered.

          I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record thanking you over and over again, but I want you to know how grateful I am.

          It motivates me to keep writing about a subject I love and for me, it doesn’t get much better than that!

          Take care,

  3. I first saw Sprocka play at Cap Juluca on a Saturday night and, by chance of luck, caught him the next day playing with a group at Johnno’s. Wonderful musician and such a wonderful man. How lucky are all of us are to have found him AND the island of Anguilla! Heaven.

    • Hi Shannon,

      Glad you enjoyed the post! I definitely highly recommend Sprocka for your wedding! Not only is he an amazing talent, as you can see above, but he’s one of those kindhearted people that I’m always talking about in Anguilla. One conversation with him will convince you of that for sure. Tell him Patty from IslandObsessions sent you! :) Best of luck with your wedding!

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