High Winds & Rough Seas after Tropical Storm Isaac

I was on Anguilla when Tropical Storm Isaac passed about 140 miles south of the island on the night of August 22-August 23, 2012.  I did worry about it a bit when I first heard the storm was on its way, but after asking around and getting advice from local friends like “All you need is a generator and some rum and everything will be ok.”, I started to adopt the “Eh, it’s no big deal. – Here, have a beer.” attitude that surrounded me. (For the record, some people argued against the need for a generator and said that a lamp/gas lantern would be just fine. The necessity of the rum, however, was never once disputed.)

The storm really must not have been so bad because I slept pretty much through the whole thing. I did hear the strong gusts of wind and the heavy rain, but it was nothing scary. I’m thankful for that.

The morning after the storm came through, I happened to be at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa with some friends and spotted the high waves on the sea from the lobby area. When I expressed my desire to get a closer look, my companions, who were locals, told me to go down, take a picture, and bring it back to show them as this wasn’t really anything new to them. Fueled by the fascination with something I had never seen before, I headed down toward Rendezvous Bay with my video camera in hand:

Pretty crazy, right?

Needless to say, the public and private ferries to Saint Martin/Sint Maarten did not run that day due to the rough seas. I didn’t hear of any major damage on the island, but I know that some people did lose power. The winds lasted through much of the day after the storm (Thursday), but by Friday, ferries were running again and most things seemed pretty much back to normal.  All in all, Isaac didn’t do much harm to Anguilla and, in fact, brought some much needed rain to the island.

Those who were and are still in Isaac’s direct path, however, are in a much more serious situation. I’m keeping them in my thoughts and am praying for their safety and quick recovery.


  1. Those were indeed crazy winds and waves, especially if you know that Anguilla enjoys super calm seas normally with rarely any waves.

    And how happy are we that you went down to Cuisinart that day. The drowning thing you rescued is actually purring in my lap right now as a matter of fact :)

    • Aww! I thought about doing a post about the “Great Anguilla Kitten Adventure of Aug. 2012″, but I think that it’s enough to know she’s doing well with the island household that will take the best care of her!

      Thanks, Francie, for taking her in!

  2. Can hardly believe so much beach has gone from in front of Garvey’s Sunshine Shack – right where I place my sunlounger! Glad to see there appears to be no actual damage and hearing from friends in Anguilla everyone and everything seems to be ok – thank goodness. I’m sure it will all return to absolute perfection long before I return next summer (wish it was sooner, I have to get my fix from excellent writing like yours).

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